Since 1989, Eli Fillmore has been involved in the numerous aspects and multiple planning stages that weddings and parties require to be a success. His skills, talents, and expertise have superseded the role and connotation of a traditional disc jockey. Eli is a wedding professional in every sense of the word; as a director of wedding entertainment he has a reputation of orchestrating the music, tone, and volume to match personality of each individual group.

Leveraging his 20+ years of experience, Eli will compliment your wedding and listen to your thoughts, concerns, and ideas. When fulfilling the role of the Master of Ceremonies he makes the appropriate and engaging announcements while providing necessary instructions to the lucky couple for all of the traditional wedding events. Many couples appreciate his leadership and help when creating their wedding itinerary and schedule. Eli is not a booking agent (where you talk to him and then end up with someone else at your wedding).

If you are looking for a professional to provide guidance, music, or ceremony support, then contact Eli Fillmore for a free consultation and find out why he gets compliments everywhere he goes.